CPRE 583: Reconfigurable Computing (Fall 2011)


Syllabus (Word) (pdf)
Lecture 1: Course Overview (ppt)
Lecture 2: VHDL Overview 1 (ppt)
Lecture 3: Reconfigurable Computing Hardware Components (ppt)
Lecture 4: VHDL Overview 2 (ppt)
Lecture 5: VHDL to FPGA: A Tool Flow Overview (ppt)
Lecture 6: VHDL Overview 3 (ppt)
Lecture 7: VHDL Overview 4 (ppt)
Lecture 8: A Brief History of Reconfigurable Computing and Applications (ppt)
Lecture 9: Reconfigurable Computing Architectures (ppt)
Lecture 10: Reconfiguration Management (ppt)
Lecture 11: MP2 Detailed Overview (ppt)
Lecture 12: FPGA Feature and Convey Computer HC-1 (ppt)
Lecture 13: Exam 1 review (ppt)
Lecture 14: Floating Point (ppt)
Lecture 15: XPS/MP3 overview + Midterm Overview
Lecture 16: Project Introductions
Lecture 17: MidTerm Overview (In class portion)
Lecture 18: CoreGen overview
Lecture 19: Design Patterns
Lecture 20: Compute Models
Lecture 21: Compute Architectures
Lecture 22: Streaming Applications
Lecture 23: High-Level Hardware Acceleration Approaches
Lecture 24: Evolvable Hardware
Lecture 25: Midterm 2 Overview
Lecture 26: Thermal Management and Reconfiguragble Hardware(Dr. Jones' PhD work)

Readings list

Readings (Word) (pdf)
New Species of Hardware (rescanned): New Species of Hardware  


Homework 1 (relased): HW1_rev1 (doc)   HW1_rev1 (pdf)   HW1.zip (ise projects)   HW1.tar.gz (ise projects)   Tools Overview (ppt)  
Homework 2 : Mini Literature Surveys
Homework 3 (Released): HW3 (doc)   HW3 (pdf)   VHDL_to_FPGA.zip (ise project)   VHDL_to_FPGA.tar.gz (ise project)   PowerPoint implemented FPGA (ppt)  

Machine Problmes (MPs)

Final Projects

Mini Literature Surveys

Reference Material


The Shock and Awe VHDL Tutorial (pdf) [Highly recommend if you are new to VHDL]
VHDL Review (version 1)
Common VHDL mistakes (verision 1)(pdf)
Common VHDL mistakes (a work in progress)(ppt)

Xilinx Tools

Previous Years

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