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John R. Bowler

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Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
Room 179 Applied Sciences Complex II
1915 Scholl Road
Ames, IA  50011-3042
TEL 515-294-2093
FAX 515-294-7771


John Bowler has been at Iowa State University since the fall of 1999.  He has a joint appointment as Senior Scientist with the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation and Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to working at ISU, he was at the University of Surrey, England. Dr. Bowler received his M. Sc. in Science Education from the University of Keele, England in 1980 and his PhD from The University of Surrey in 1984. His main research interests are in electromagnetic methods of NDE and the properties of electrically conducting composite materials. In addition, he has published articles on the suppression of distortion in loudspeakers, the design of magnets for magnetic resonance imaging and the dynamics of rarefied gases. The work on electromagnetic NDE focuses on new and improved inspection methods for the detection of cracks and corrosion in aircraft and nuclear power plant. He has developed theoretical and computational models to support developments in eddy-current inspection hardware. Dr Bowler has studied electrically conducting composites with the aim of improving their ability to absorb microwave radiation. These studies have been carried out to determine the conductivity of polymers loaded with conducting particles with the idea of finding the best combination of materials to use for radar/microware absorption. Dr Bowler is a senior  member of IEEE.