Mani Mina
Senior Lecturer
Director of Minor in Engineering Studies
High Speed Systems Engineering Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011
515 294-3918
515-294-8432 Fax






Office hours for  Fall 2014
Last updated: 8/25/14
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TThF     9-10  (some Fridays I will be out)
Or by appointment


Circuit, EM, etc. May 03)

Faraday's Law (July 03)

Tesla and Tesla coil (Summer 03)

KVL KCL and Maxwell's ideas (August 03)



Interesting Skits

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After the French Translation (June 2003)

After the Beat the finale of French Translation (June 2003)

Fun-skit (Hindi Translation June , 2003)

Fun-skit Questioning (September , 2001)

Fun skit (Japanese translator, Oct 2001)

Fun Skit (German Translator, Nov 2001)