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CPRE 288 Laboratory

Lab 1: Introduction to the Code Composer Studio and CyBOT Platform

Lecture - Lab Connection

In lecture, we are starting with an overview of microcontrollers and embedded systems. In this lab, we are starting with an overview of the platform being used in the lab for investigating microcontrollers and embedded systems. The educational environment includes Code Composer Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) provided by Texas Instruments, and the CyBOT platform consisting in part of a Tiva™ C Series TM4C123G Launchpad Evaluation Board designed by Texas Instruments and an iRobot Create 2 mobile sensor platform. Lecture begins with a review of the C programming language, and we will also start using C immediately in the labs. Self-study based on your own needs through your laboratory experiences will be an important complement to the lectures.

The CyBOT platform is the ECpE Department's code name for the iRobot Create 2 platform, the Launchpad add-on, and various additional accessories (LCD board, sonar/servo, stepper motor, bluetooth dongle, etc).


  • Read carefully the lab policies on the course website.
  • Read through the lab description, including the linked documents.
  • Print the Lab Evaluation Form.

Reference Files

Download the following files to a single folder on your U: drive. (Right-click and select 'Save Target As')

  • helloworld.c: The main program for printing "Hello, World" on the board's LCD screen
  • lcd.c: A program file with a number of LCD functions
  • lcd.h: The header file for lcd.c
  • timer.c: A program file with wait commands
  • timer.h: The header file for timer.c

Lab 1 Description

  • Lab 1 Manual: A detailed description of the objectives to complete for Lab 1


Turn the power to the cyBOT platform off before charging. The Launchpad board consumes power and the battery will not charge if the robot is in full_mode (which it enters after calling oi_init, turning the power LED yellow). You will have to turn off open interface. The robot is charging when the robot's power LED is pulsing red and both green LEDS on the dock are lit.

Reference Files

Files Description
TM4C123GH6PM Datasheet Datasheet for the Cybot Platform Microcontroller.
Cybot Baseboard Schematic for the Cybot Baseboard PCB.
Cybot LCD Board Schematic for the Cybot LCD host PCB.
LCD Controller Datasheet Information about the LCD controller.
Documentation on printf Documentation for the lcd_printf and printf function.
Lab Evaluation Form Evaluation form for Lab
Online Feedback Form Tell us what you think of the lab (feedback forms)