CprE 488 - Embedded Systems Design

Welcome to the course web page for CprE 488: Embedded Systems Design for the Spring 2022 semester. Use the links on the left to navigate to the various sub-pages. While much of the course material will be found here, we will also be using Canvas to facilitate online discussion, to handle homework and lab submission, and for grading.


  Prof. Phillip Jones
    Room: 329 Durham
    Phone: (515) 294-9208
    Email: phjones AT iastate DOT edu
    Office Hours: Thursdays 9am - 10am in Coover 2041


  Benjamin Welte
    Sections 2 and 3
    Office Hours: Mondays 9am - 11am in Coover 2041

  Franklin Bates
    Sections 2 and 3
    Office Hours: Mondays & Thursdays 3pm - 4pm in Coover 2041

    Email: cpre488-tas AT iastate DOT edu

Course Details

  • Lecture (all sections): TTh 12:40-1:55 in 1304 Howe (map) (floorplan)
  • Labs: 2041 Coover Hall (map) (floorplan)
    • Section 2: Th 4:10-7:00
    • Section 3: F 8:50-11:40
  • Textbook (available at the ISU bookstore): M. Wolf. Computers as Components (4th edition): Principles of Embedded Computing System Design, Morgan Kaufmann, 2017