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Selected Publications

  • Neginhal, S. and S. C. Kothari. “Event Views and Graph Reductions for Understanding System Level C Code.” In Proc. 22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, Philadelphia, PA, October 2006: 279–288.
  • Muthuprasanna, M., K.Wei, and S. C. Kothari. “Eliminating SQL Injection Attacks: A Transparent Defense Mechanism.” In Proc. 8th IEEE International Symposium Web site Evolution, Philadelphia, PA, September 23-24, 2006: 22–32.
  • Kothari S. C. “Addressing Software Bottlenecks: Amplifying Human Capabilities with Tools.” Special Issue, Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, Berkeley, CA, May 6, 2006: 65–69.
  • Kothari S. C., G. Daugherty, L. Bishop, and J. Sauceda. “A Pattern-based Framework for Detecting Software Anomalies.” Software Quality Journal 12, no. 2, (June 2004): 99–120.
  • Kalyanaraman, A., S. Aluru, V. Brendel, and S. C. Kothari. “Space and Time Efficient Parallel Algorithms and Software for EST Clustering.” IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 14, no. 12, December 2003, 1209–1221.


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