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The Iowa State Electrical Engineering Learning Community is a small group of students who take a number of courses together. Students will usually live together in the same residence hall to get to know each other and to help each other with homework, studying, etc. Through the EELC students will also exhibit career exploration which help them determine their lifelong goals and studies.


Activities and events for the EELC are largely student driven; therefore, each year the Community adjusts to the needs and desires of those involved. Students in the EELC often form study groups and create teams to build projects. The Activities page shows some of the events community members participated in last year.


The EELC has a group of mentors who help students build these teams and can help with homework, student-led projects, and other EELC events. Involvement in the EELC and all of its events is open to all electrical engineering students and students are invited to participate in whichever events they find fun, helpful, and interesting.

Is EELC for you?
  • If you are interested in EE learning community,
  • If you are an incoming Freshman to ISU, and are thinking about studying EE,
  • If you are an Engineering Freshman, and are thinking about EE as your major or minor field of study,
  • If you are interested in learning the most fundamental engineering concepts, systematic problem solving, and learning how to learn!
  • We are looking for a group of eager and hard working students who are willing to be a part of a great exciting, fun, always learning and ever growing group.  If you are interested, this is for you.
  • We have 9 successful years of successful learning and growing.  Our experience for the first two academic years has helped us to  have better plans, and ideas for the second year.

    Please feel free to visit us if you are on campus, we would like to have visitors and showing to them who we are and what we do. 

    Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.