EE 330
Spring 2022
Integrated Electronics


Instructor: Randy Geiger Flower or Weed?        

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Instructor: Prof. Randy Geiger

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Lecture notes for Spring 2022

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Lecture notes from Fall 2021

Homework Assignments Spring 2022


Selected Streams for Spring 2022

 Streams  from Previous Semester

Selected Streams for Fall 2021

Exams for Current Semester

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Lab Handouts Fall 2021

  • Lab 1: Accessing CadenceVirtuoso

  • Lab 2: Schematic Capture and Simulation             Lab 2 Prelab    Script for Modelsim Shell   

  • Lab 3: Basic Boolean Circuits

  • Lab 4: Layout, DRC, and LVS

  • Lab 5: Boolean to Silicon                                      Lab5 Prelab         Debug File 1      Debug File 2

  • Lab 6: Resistors, Bonding Pads, and Pad Frames       

  • Lab 7: MOS Device Models                                Lab 7 Prelab        

  • Lab 8: MOS Experimental Device Characterization and Basic Applications      

  • Lab 9: Digital Synthesis and Automatic Layout      

  • Lab 10: Basic Transistor Amplifiers      

  • Lab 11: Thyristor Applications      


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