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The vision of the
Iowa State University® Women's Club
is to create unity through friendship and promote a sense of belonging, with each other and within the community, as we grow and have an impact on our society.


Iowa State University® Women's Club is a social and service organization providing opportunities for friendship, personal growth, and enrichment. Membership is open to any woman who supports the vision and mission of the club:

The vision of the Iowa State University® Women's Club is to
create unity through friendship; 
to promote a sense of belonging with each other and within the community;
and as we grow, to have an impact on our society.

To this end, our mission is to
welcome and involve women of various interests, ages,and experiences;
provide opportunities for individual growth and enrichment;
support scholarship and community service;
and grow and develop as an organization.

Members have an opportunity to participate in various activities to expand their intellectual and social horizons. The club year begins in September with an "opener" to welcome new and returning members and concludes with a luncheon in April. All-member assemblies offer programs reflecting the theme of the year. A fall day-trip via bus is offered to members wishing to explore Iowa sites. Members may join any number of divisions (interest groups), which meet regularly for programs and activities covering shared and personal interests.

The Student Award Fund is the club's proudest achievement. As an endowment entirely funded by members' giving through tax- deductible annual contributions, gifts, or planned giving, the fund is used to recognize and honor outstanding Iowa State University women students with annual monetary awards. A long tradition of community service continues with divisions lending a hand to community agencies with gifts and/or as volunteers.

Over the years the club has grown and adapted to the changing roles of women. Beginning as the Priscilla Club in November 1897, the club was founded by faculty wives who wanted to promote the social interaction of faculty as well as help integrate new faculty families into the community. The Priscilla Club became Faculty Women's Club of Iowa State College in 1917 with a broadened scope and more formal organization. "College" became "University" in 1959 mirroring the institution's name change. In 1996, the club's name changed to Iowa State University® Women's Club and membership has broadened to include women who share the club's vision and mission.

Please read through our web site to learn more about us or contact us directly for more information about the club and the benefits of becoming a member.


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