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The vision of the
Iowa State University®  Women's Club
is to create unity through friendship and promote a sense of belonging, with each other and within the community, as we grow and have an impact on our society.





After joining the Club, many members also choose to join and participate in the Club's various interest divisions. Currently the Club offers thirty-seven divisions which meet regularly for specialized programs covering a wide range of members' shared and personal interests. Some groups can accommodate only a limited number so membership may be limited. In those cases, a waiting list is maintained and often potential members are called to fill in when a member cannot attend. New groups can be formed with ten interested members.  Contact us for more information about any of the divisions.

Armchair Travel groups, one afternoon and one evening, offer members an opportunity to share travel adventures, tips, and stories through photos, videos, souvenirs, and food. One group meets in the evening at 7 pm on the second Wednesday and an afternoon group meets at 1:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday. 

Art/Culture brings members together in different venues of modern-day culture.  Movie Mavins, meeting on the fourth Monday, attempt to see a wide range of movie genre followed by coffee and discussion.  Art and About members have an opportunity to further their appreciation of all forms of art and connect to the heart of inspiration with programs, tours, and exploration of area museums, galleries, exhibits, and displays on the second Thursday.  Stage Crew members attend area live theater performances.

Book Club members find a common bond as they enjoy reading and exploring new books and authors.  Two different groups meet monthly.  The Book Club meets the second Monday at 1:30 pm at the Green Hills, 2200 Hamilton Dr. and Time of Your Life Book Club the second Friday at 10 am in members' homes A special treat is holiday music in December for The Book Club.

Bowling division meets on Thursdays at 9 am at Perfect Games, 1320 Dickinson Av. Division dues are charged in addition to the weekly bowling fee. All levels of bowlers are welcome.

Cards or Games. There are three different divisions for those who enjoy cards and games.  Bridge meets the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month. Play begins at 1:00 pm at Northcrest Retirement Community, Fireside Room, 1802 Northcrest Court.

For those who don't play bridge, but enjoy other kinds of card games and/or games,
Cards and Games meets the fourth Thursday at 1 pm. Cards or games are planned by the meeting hostess.  This group also meets are the Northcrest Fireside Room.  The Bunco Squad meets the 1st Wednesday at 2 pm to roll the dice in members' homes.

Couples Clubs (four different groups) offer social activities for couples. Members share in the planning and preparation of easy meals and/or activities. The host couples determine the activities and location for each event. There may be a cover-the-cost fee for each event determined by the hosts. Membership is limited in each group.

Culture Sharing offers an evening of international friendship in a group of mixed heritage/citizenship, with special emphasis on welcoming international women to the club and community. Meetings are held the third Wednesday at 7 pm at the Northcrest Community Green Room, 1801 20th St.

Gardening meets the second Wednesday  from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Members bring a brown bag lunch and enjoy a wide variety of programs, tours, and other activities related to gardening. The group also maintains a city flower garden plot in Stuart Smith Park (Elwood and Lincoln Way) during the summer season. 

Genealogy members enjoy on-going research of individual family history during monthly meetings (third Thursday, 1:30 pm) or visits to state and community archival resources.

Food groups offer opportunities for members to express themselves through food. Foodies and Good Food-Good Friends enjoy good food and friendship monthly, first Thursday, first Thursday, and third Wednesday, respectively. Rotating small committees plan, prepare, and serve lunch to the members of each group. Each group has a set fee for the lunch. 'Spice' Girls and Taste Buds offer members opportunities to explore, create, and share food.  'Spice Girls' meet the fourth Monday afternoon and Taste Buds meet the thrid Thursday.  Membership is limited in all of the food groups.

Nature Study provides opportunities for members to explore the great outdoors, see natural wonders, learn about conservation and preservation programs, and become acquainted with the animals and plants that are part of our outdoor world. Meetings are usually held the last Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

Newcomers is a great group for new or prospective members to get acquainted and find their place in the club and community. This group warmly invites all members new to the ISU community or club to all club events as well as monthly events planned entirely for the purpose of getting to know other new members, other club members and become more familiar with club events, interest groups, and activities.

Needlework groups: Block Builders, Hooks and Needles, and Stitchery, engage members in a wide variety of quilt, crochet, knitting, and needlework projects, respectively, through monthly meetings, workshops, and tours. Members provide their own supplies and equipment. Block Builders meet the second Friday, Hooks and Needles meet the fourth Monday, and Stitchery on the first Monday.

Exploring Photography provides a supportive and informative environment for those interested in getting more out of their camera and photography adventures.  This group meets the third Tuesday at 1:30 pm.

Breakfast Buddies, Iowa Cafe Adventures and Lunch Bunch are a must for those who yearn a monthly "adventure", good food, and unique shopping opportunities! Members venture to different tea rooms, cafes, or eating establishments throughout Central Iowa to enjoy breakfast (third Friday) or lunch (first and second Tuesdays) and explore places of interest in the area.. 

Wine and Beer groups, (five wine groups) provide educational experiences in wine tasting and appreciation or simply exploration and conversation. Programs are developed collaboratively by hostesses, group members, outside speakers, and field trips. The Bacchus (Roman god of wine) group meets in the homes of members on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.  The Dionysus (Greek god of wine) Circle meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the homes of its members. Women on Wine meet the last Thursday of the month to explore Iowa wineries.  Viva la Vino (first Monday, 4-6 pm) and Wine and Tapas (third Thursday, 4-6 pm) sample wines and tapas provided by the hostess.   All Things Beer, meeting the second Wednesday, 4-6 pm, focuses on developing curiosity, appreciation, and respect for beer offering tasting, brewing, and cooking experiences for members.  Membership is limited in each of the groups.

Exercise groups offer members an opportunity to exercise and enjoy the out of doors.  Walk and Talk enjoys a flexible, healthy, exercise program including a lot of socializing. Meetings are held the third Tuesday at a member's home at 9 am. Members walk in the hostess's neighborhood or at the Mall (North Grand) before gathering for coffee. Golf is seasonal on Tuesday mornings April thru August at Homeward Golf Course. 



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