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What is Iowa State University® Women's Club? The Iowa State University® Women's Club is a social and service organization for women associated with Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa. The club was founded in 1897 as the Priscilla Club by the faculty wives and women faculty who lived on the Iowa State College Campus. It was known for many years as the Faculty Women's Club and was renamed Iowa State University® Women's Club in 1996. Keepsakes, A History of the Iowa State University Women's Club details the traditions and contributions of the club during its 100+ year history.

Members have a long tradition of community service to ISU and Ames. The club's primary outreach activity is supporting the scholarly development of women students at ISU. Towards this end, the club awards annual scholarships to recognize outstanding ISU women students.

What is the vision and mission of the ISU Women's Club? In 1998, the following Vision and Mission Statement was adopted:  The vision of the Iowa State University® Women's Club is to create unity through friendship and to promote a sense of belonging, with each other and within the community, as we grow and have an impact on our society. To this end, the mission of the Iowa State University® Women's Club shall be to: 1) Welcome and involve women of various interests, ages, and experiences; 2) Provide opportunities for individual growth and enrichment; 3) Support scholarship and community service; 4) Continue to develop as an organization. 

Who can join? The club seeks to welcome and involve women of various interests, ages, and experiences and to provide opportunities for individual growth and enrichment. Membership is open to any woman who supports the vision and mission of the club.

How much does it cost? Annual membership dues are $15.00 for first-year members and $25.00 for second-year and thereafter members. Annual division dues, if any, are separate.

What are the benefits of becoming a member? Members enjoy social interaction, entertaining programs, 37 different interest groups called Divisions, and opportunities to promote academic achievement through scholarships for ISU women.

How does one become a member? Women desiring membership may fill out the membership enrollment form and mail it along with their dues. Memberships are also accepted at general meetings or division meetings.

Where can I get more information? Contact us.

How does one get involved in the interest divisions? Contact us for dates and locations. One must be a paid member of the club in order to join a division. Some interest groups may limit their membership. New groups or divisions can form when ten interested members apply to the cabinet to do so.

What is the primary outreach activity? The club annually awards scholarships to outstanding women students to promote scholarly development of women at ISU. The awards are based on excellence in civic and extracurricular activities as well as outstanding scholarship rather than financial need. The modest beginnings of the club's present scholarship program began in the early 1900s with the Student Loan Fund. The club maintains an endowment fund for two annual awards. Annual awards are granted from the interest earned on the endowment principal. Members may contribute to the endowment at any time.

Do members participate in any active outreach projects? Worthy outreach projects are available to members as opportunities arise. 308 children's books were donated by members to the Boys and Girls Club of Ames for a new library at the Club in 2000. In 2006, contributed funds were sent to the Tulane University Women's Association to help them in their efforts to restore the Music Library at Tulane University that was lost in the floods that followed Hurricane Katrina. Divisions also provide members with various outreach opportunities. Some examples include:  the Garden Division maintains a city-owed garden plot; Stitchery has an on-going project of making quilts for local charities; and Culture Sharing sponsors a shopping night with proceeds directed towards a world humanitarian effort.  Individual division efforts are encouraged every year.

What is Keepsakes? Keepsakes, A History of the Iowa State University Women's Club was published by the club in 1997 in honor of its 100th anniversary. Keepsakes' 216-pages chronicle the history of the club and give a fascinating look into the lives of women and activities at Iowa State University during the past century.

Keepsakes can be purchased for $16.00 (by mail order for additional $2.00 postage and handling). Keepsakes sale profits will benefit the International and Senior Award endowment used to recognize outstanding ISU women students annually. Keepsakes makes a great gift for family and friends or to the library or women's history program of a member's alma mater. Also, giving a copy of Keepsakes to new faculty, families, and students is a great welcome gift. Please go to our History page to learn how to obtain a copy.

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