Iowa State University

CprE 288 - Embedded Systems

Sections and Lab TA Assignments

All sections meet in Coover 2041.

Lab TA Assignment

Takao Shibamoto ( - Sections A, B, F
Zaran Claes ( - Sections A, D, G
Sam Stifter ( - Sections E, F, G
Lindsey Sleeth ( - Sections D, E, J
Hana Franck ( - Sections B, J

Lab Safety Form

TAs will go over safety procedures at the beginning of the first lab session. Follow along, read, and sign this document once you understant the safety procedures. Safety Form (PDF), Safety Form (DOC)

Structured Pairing

For a given lab, you and your lab partner will exchange roles for each part of the lab. The roles you will switch between are the "Driver" and "Navigator". Your TAs will review the expectations of these roles, and will help facilitate your group using these roles during lab.

Please also review the following documents and poster for an overview on what structured pairing is: Overview (PDF), Poster (JPEG)

Lab Feedback

Please fill out the Online Feedback Form after every lab.

Lab Demo videos

The TAs have put together the following videos, to help clarify what functionality is expected to be demoed for each lab (Being UPDATED). Lab Demo Videos

Debugging Tips

This document describes the general process you should follow while debugging your labs. Debugging-Tips (PDF)

Lab Manuals

Date Lab Instructions Topics
Aug 20 - Aug 24 Lab 0 Embedded Systems and Platform Overview
Aug 27 - Aug 31 Lab 1 Instructions LCD Banner
Sept 3 - Sept 7 Lab 2 Instructions iRobot Open Interface
Sept 10 - Sept 14 Lab 3 Instructions Push Buttons, and Communicating with CyBot
Sept 17 - Sept 21 Lab 4 Instructions Clock, Interrupts, Debugging
Sept 24 - Sept 28 Lab 5 Instructions Serial (UART), WiFi
Oct 1 - Oct 5 Lab 6 Instructions ADC, IR Distance
Oct 8 - Oct 12 Lab 7 Instructions PING))) Sensor
Oct 15 - Oct 19 Lab 8 Instructions PWM & Servo Control
Oct 22 - Nov 2 Lab 9 Instructions (Project Checkpoint 1) Object Detection
Oct 22 - Deadweek Lab Project Demos in Lab Section during Deadweek

Final Project (For quick reference only: Deprecated)

Final Project Description
Final Project: Supplementary Specifications
Final Project - Clarifications (Updated 11/7/2017)
Final Project: Extra Credit Guidelines
Final Project: Team Member Responsibilities
Final Project: Peer Reviews
Final Project: Evaluation Sheet